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Are you a Turner or interested in learning to turn?

If so Louisville Area Woodturners wants you! Please fill free to call or text 502-640-6785 for more information or come to any of our meetings. We would love to have you and share our love for turning and woodworking.
The AAW is a great place to start;
New Turners - this site is for you.
The world of woodturning is large, complex, and continually growing. In order to enter this world safely and confidentually, you need to learn a few basics:How to sharpen your tools, how to use them properly, and above all how to work safely. Go to the AAW website which is designed with helpful articles and videos to help you be successful.


May 11th at 6:30 pm will be our next meeting. It will be at Walden Elementary School as usual. Kevin Lucas will be showing us how to turn a pen. Come out and join us. Fill free to bring a friend and something for show and tell. Also bring any ornaments you have finished.


* MAKE A NOTE*  If JCPS Schools are closed  there will be no meeting that evening. Also if there is bad weather check before going to the Louisville Nature Center for Robin's demonstrations.


Welcome to the Louisville Area Woodturners (LAW) website.

Our club was founded in October 1995. The primary purpose of LAW is to provide information, education, and organization to those interested in woodturning. The membership is drawn from all towns and communities surrounding Louisville, Ky area, but all woodturners are welcome to visit or join.

 We usually meet on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm til 8:30 pm, at Walden School. 4238 Westport Rd., Louisville, Ky 40207. Dates are subject to change to accommodate guest turners from out of town and some of these may be on Saturdays for longer professional demostrations. Most Saturday demonstrations begin at 9am.

We are affiliated with the AAW (American Association of Woodturners) which is an International non-profit organization working to advance woodturning. It has over 1,4000 members in 27 countries. Many member also belong to local chapters although membership in these chapters does not automatically make you a member of the AAW and being in the AAW does not make you a member of any chapter.

The AAW has a new branch for women. This is the "Women in Turning (WIT) and is working hard to advance both the number of women turners and their visability in shows and galleries. If you know a woman turner or one that is interested in learning please contact us. Paula McLain, Our regional representative would be happy to speak with you. You may call or text her at 502-640-6785 or email her at

The 2017 American Association of Woodturners symposium is coming soon! The symposium is being held in Kansas City, Mo. this year. Pre-registration has begun. To register go to the AAW web site. All the information on registration, Demonstrators, hotels, etc is now available on the site.
There will also be a WIT ( Woman In Turning) meeting for any woman turners out there. You will be able to eet and greet many other woman in the turning profession. This is one yu will not want to miss.


AAW membership is the perfect complement to a chapter membership. Newer turners will expand their skills more quickly and safely, while more experienced turners will have an opportunity to learn even more new techniques.

We encourage you to take a minute at your next meeting to invite club members to give AAW a try as a free Guest. Invite any non-AAW members to sign up as a free Guest to kick AAW's tires for 60-days. Guests have access to a broad sampling of AAW's publications and services. This month, AAW offers its Guests a portion of the February issue of American Woodturner, which includes the project,
"Make a Better Mallet," by Janet A. Collins.

Click the links below for talking points to share with your members PowerPoint slides or PDF.

Thank you to all chapters who updated their list of chapter officers. If you have additional updates, please click here.


We have exciting things coming your way so don't forget to Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events you won't want to miss.


                                New Mentorship Program
Vince Welch has taken on a new mentorship program. As of our last meeting we have 8 members that have volunteered to mentor our members and guest woodturner from anything from Basic turning to Coloring, box making, successful sanding and finishing to bowl making,segented pieces, finials and other turning styles. We  have both men and women to assist turner. For more information please fill free to call Vince at 812-284-4661 or Paula McLain at 502-640-6785.
For those who have signed up for the mentorship program, the AAW website has an entire area that is devoted to providing both literature and videos to assist you in mentoring those new turners you work with.
How is your shop? What is wrong with this picture? Remember,Shop safety includes a clean shop and all the right safety gear every time!
The shop floor has items strungall over it that could bea trip or slipping hazzard and he does not have his safety gear on.


We will Collect ornaments for the 2017 Christmas tree for the CHILDRENS HOSPITAL any time during 2017. When you have an extra few minutes please turn a couple and bring them in to the next club meeting.  Lets try to double our nembers from 2016!


We Have been making boxes for "Beads of Courage" for ill children for several years now. There are some changes that have been made to the  regulations on these boxes.

Every child who goes through difficult medical issues wishes they had their own treasure box to place and keep their beads of courage in as they go through different medical proceedured. we are always in need of hand turned and unique boxes for these children.
In order to hold their beads these boxes need to be about 6 inches in diameter but a minimum of 5 incheswide and at least 4 inches tall. They should have "Beads of Courage" engraved or burnt into the boxes lid. the lid of the box should be easily able to be removed by a child. Any fenials should be of a size that it is not to small or frail for a child.


We still have a Library of DVD's. If you have any DVD's you would like to donate we would be happy to receive and share them. If you have one of the DVD's out please bring it back so others can enjoy it.


Robin Costelle is doing classes at
the Louisville Nature Center. Please contact him for the scheduled classes These are open to anyone as a learning tool.


We always welcome old and new turners and  anyone who is interested in learning to turn! 

* If you would be willing to do a demonstration for the club please contact one of the board members and let them know.


JOIN LOUISVILLE AREA WOODTURNERS, You can join at any Club meeting or online. More information on on the membership page of this website.  Do you need more information on the club or some of our functions?  



Below in a list of the board members. 


President: Bob Faletti- - 502-718-3280



Curtis Parker-                     

Kathleen Deaver- 



Paula -502-640-6785

Newsletter Editor:

Kevin Lucas- 


Audio Visual:

David L. Weller-                                                                                                   


 We are constantly working to try to better the information coming out to our members, quality of demonstrators and website information. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact one of the board members and we will be happy to address them.


Come Join US

right click and highlight the application to print

Louisville area woodturners (LAW)

Membership application


Our club is open to anyone interested in woodturning. We welcome all skill levels from beginner to professional. Come join our friendly club members who share a common interest in woodturning. Regular meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Walden School, 4238 Westport Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40207 Special demonstrations by professional turners are held on occassion on another evening or Saturday at 9am.

The $25 membership fee is due on October 1st of each year. New members joining after April first are prorated.

Membership dues for new members only

October 1st through March 32st - $35                April 1st through Septmeber 30th - $17.50

Members and their spouse can join for a discounted price of $50

Make all checks payable to LAW and give to any board member, bring to our next meeting or mail to our Treasurer at:

Kathleen Deaver

12610 Kirkham Road

Louisville, Kentucky 40299



Address: _____________________________________



Phone number: Home___________________________ Cell_______________________

Email: ___________________________________________________________________

How long have you been turning? ____________________________________________

What type of turning are you interested in? __ spindle __bowl __ hollow vessel __ other

What type of other turning? ___________________________________________________

Would you like to do a demonstration? __________________________________________

If so what type? ______________________________________________________________

Thank you for your interest in our club. We look forward to meeting you!